We are proud to be a part of the Indonesian legal landscape with global standards.

We approach each of our client’s interest with a result-oriented mindset, meticulously crafting solutions that are procedure-correct and adhere to the highest legal principles

We believe that effective legal representation is not just about technical expertise but also about understanding the unique circumstances and aspirations of each client.

Our expertise are, but
not limited to the following areas

Comprehensive legal services to clients in the mining industry, helping them navigate the complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape. Our team of experienced lawyers has a deep understanding of Indonesian mining law and can advise clients on all aspects of their mining operations, from exploration and permitting to mine closure and environmental remediation.

We assist clients in obtaining the necessary permits and licenses for their mining activities, ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental and social regulations. We also advise clients on their contractual obligations, including negotiating and drafting mining agreements with landowners, investors, and joint venture partners.

AKCO Law Firm is committed to helping our clients operate their mining businesses in a sustainable and responsible manner. We provide legal advice on environmental compliance, social responsibility, and stakeholder engagement.

We advise clients in structuring their projects, corporate structures, and financing scheme to obtain an economically efficient, secured and legally in full compliance with the applicable law. Advising complex structures, collaterally secured projects to secure borrowers, lenders and project sponsors’ interests is our expertise.

We advised start-up companies in structuring their business, to present multi-angle alternative business plan, to negotiate with investors as well as to assist them to protect the core values that the founders wish to preserve in conducting their business.  

We advise clients on all aspects of EPC contracts, from drafting and negotiating to managing disputes and resolving claims.

We have a deep understanding of the legal and technical issues that arise in EPC contracts. We can advise clients on the allocation of risk, the drafting of performance guarantees, and the resolution of disputes.

We also provide training to our clients on EPC contracts, helping them to understand the legal and technical aspects of these complex agreements.

Our deep understanding on financial and commercial aspects of business has advanced us in financial related crime litigation. Combination of our meticulous knowledge in finance, criminal law and network enables us to always source out of the box solutions and defenses to our clients’ cases. We believe a laser sharp legal arguments and a deep understanding on Indonesia legal culture are our keys in guiding our clients to deal with their legal issues.